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Make Good Health Your Primary Goal

A healthier you begins with finding the right primary care physician near you. With more than 450 adult and pediatric providers throughout eastern Oklahoma, Warren Clinic is dedicated to improving your family’s health and wellness. Most major insurance plans are welcome.

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Primary Care for Kids

Specialized care for kids from birth to age 18.

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Adult Primary Care

Specialized care for adults age 18 and up.

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Have Medicare?

An annual wellness exam is a part of your Medicare Part B plan. Don't miss out!

Medicare Wellness Visit

What is Primary Care?

The Basics of Primary Care

"Primary care" is a term used for healthcare providers who act as the first line of defense in a patient's care and wellbeing. Primary care physicians and practitioners (also known as PCPs) are based in office settings and can be a M.D. or D.O., physician's assistant (PA) or a nurse practitioner (ARNP). They are generally board certified in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatric medicine.

Family Medicine PCPs: Trained to care for the general health and wellness of kids and adults alike.
Internal Medicine PCPs: Training focused on the health and wellness of adults.
Pediatric PCPs: Trained to care for the health and wellness of kids from birth to 18 years of age.

Annual Physicals for Adults and Children

Annual physicals, also known as well-child exams for children, are an important part of primary care. These exams are essential to identifying potential health problems in the early stages. They also determine any wellness and prevention tactics to implement now.

Many insurances cover the full cost of annual physicals or routine prevention care for adults, adolescents and children. Coverage varies, though, so it's important to review your coverage carefully. Current health problems are not covered under annual physicals.

Medicare Part B: Have You Had Your Annual Wellness Visit?

Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare Part B covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) every 12 months. This wellness check is a crucial part of staying on top of preventable diseases and your general health.

The AWV allows you and your primary care doctor to discuss your current health and risk factors then develop or update a personalized prevention plan. This plan, when followed, helps prevent future disease and disability. More information from Medicare about the Annual Wellness Visit can be found at

Scheduling a Medicare Annual Wellness Exam

Adult advanced practice providers offer Medicare wellness exams to new and existing patients. Call or click through below to learn more about primary care for adults and find a doctor near you that accepts Medicare.

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